Here’s a game I like to play with some of my friends in another book club.  Post what you just finished reading, what you are reading now, and what you’ve got on deck to read next.  I’m always reminding my students to make a reading plan and to make a note of what you would like to read next, whether it’s the next book in a series or something that caught your eye at the bookstore.  I spent time over the weekend browsing some book reviews, downloading reading samples onto my Nook, and creating a reading “wish list” in preparation for summer vacation. (I know.  I’m a big nerd. And this didn’t even take into account the books I already have here waiting for me!)

Here’s what my reading plan looks like right now:

  • Last: Maroo of the Winter Caves (for school), Jeneration X (at home)
  • Current: The Westing Game (for silent reading time), The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict (at home)
  • Next: A Dance with Dragons (book 5 in a massive fantasy series for adults)

What about you? What’s your plan?


One thought on “Last/Current/Next

  1. Last: A View From Saturday
    Current: The Westing Game (still need to finish this one!)
    Next: A Dance with Dragons (fiction), Moby Duck (nonfiction)

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