Yesterday I realized that I am reading a different book in every room of my house.  I was reading in the living room when my husband called me from the kitchen.  I walked into the kitchen and immediately picked up another book as I entered that room.  There’s a book next to my bed, there is a pile on the dining table, there is a small stack here to the left of the couch.  There was a book on the floor, too, from where I had been reading until I fell asleep. (It’s really hot here and the floor was the coolest place in the house.)  Needless to say, when I went to the library yesterday, I only dropped books off and didn’t check anything out this time!  Well, that, plus the fact that I’m already waiting on an order from Barnes and Noble to arrive this week, ha ha!

So today, I’m just here to update with two more books that I finished this summer.  They are both sequels in two different series of books that I can’t stop reading.

The first is book six in The Last Apprentice series by Joseph Delaney.  I actually started this blog with book #5, if you scroll back to the beginning of my posts.  This one is called Clash of the Demons, and here we find Tom Ward, the Spook, Alice, Tom’s mother, and a host of allies all preparing to fight the Dark together.  They must travel to Greece to fight the Ordeen, who arrives every seven years through a fiery portal (as shown on the cover.)  It’s a dangerous task and some will not return.  Secret identities are revealed and once again, Tom has to make some decisions that will certainly have long-term consequences.  You really do have to read the all of the prior books to make this all matter, but you should anyway because it’s an awesome series.  I hope that Alice, Tom’s best friend who also happens to be a witch, finally is recognized by the Spook for all that she does to help Tom, even if the Spook disagrees with her connections to Dark magic.   This book has an AR level of 5.7 and is worth 10 points.

The next book couldn’t be more different! The Penderwicks at Point Mouette by Jeanne Birdsall has a much lighter storyline– no witches, goblins, or boggarts here!   This is book three about the Penderwick sisters.  Their father has gotten remarried and is about to go on his honeymoon.  The four sisters are split up for the first time when the eldest sister, Rosalind, goes on vacation with her friend to the Jersey shore, and the remaining three sisters go to Maine with their Aunt Claire.  Skye finds herself on duty as the OAP, or the Oldest Available Penderwick, which causes her much stress while she tries to manage her sisters and remember all of the rules.  Batty finds she has a new talent, Jane tries to fall in love, and their best friend, Jeffrey, joins them on vacation and even he learns a thing or two on this trip.  Everyone is growing up!  This book has an AR level of 5.6 and is worth 10 points.

Just a few more weeks of vacation left to go! Too many books, so little time, and soon I’ll have to get back to teaching again.  That’s okay though, because it really means I’ll have a whole new grade of students to share with and a new excuse to buy more books for my classroom library!