Spring Break…is over? Already? Are you sure?

I’ve got two new books to blog about, but I’m just wrapping up Spring Break, and there is so much to do to get back in the groove for school again. I promise to fill you in on these two reads just as soon as I finish up my report cards!  (You can do a little research on them yourselves in the meantime, if you want. I read The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had by Kristin Levine, and Dead End at Norvelt by Jack Gantos.)

Because my family decided to go to Washington DC for the vacation (amazing, highly recommend!), I started reading a non-fiction book about Abraham Lincoln, and now I’m caught up in this book that has 5 gazillion pages.  This will probably take a while to finish. The good news is that my school just had a book fair the week before the break, and I ended up with a bunch of new books to share here.

Just as soon as I get those report cards done, as I have to keep reminding myself. In the meantime, check out this three-story tower of books, all about President Lincoln!  522011_10200936870250874_1012931286_n

And watch as this tower is built! Cool!