When Did You See Her Last? by Lemony Snicket

Lemony Snicket book and T-shirt

Lemony Snicket book and T-shirt

Well, I just came back from the San Diego Comic Con, and boy am I exhausted! The four-day event ended with us getting in line at midnight for a chance to attend the panel (or presentation) for the 50th anniversary of the show called Doctor Who.  We got in line at midnight and the presentation was at 12:30 the next afternoon.  Comic Con is a very silly place!  We DID get in for that panel, thank goodness, and saw many other super cool things while we were there.  People gather from all over the world to buy comic books, collect toys, watch previews and premieres of movies and television shows, buy artwork directly from the artists, try new video games, maybe see some celebrities,  get autographs, and dress up in the costumes of their favorite characters.  Also, many of the big movie studios and other companies give out posters and t-shirts and all kinds of goodies over the course of the convention.  People like free stuff and it’s a great way to spread the word about all of these upcoming movies, shows, and games.  Let the fans do the advertising for you! 

That’s all well and good and fun, but there is also a section of the convention where you can find book sellers and publishers.  This is MY favorite area and where you are most likely to find me hunting around for new titles.  I did go to one book signing, but that is a post for another day. (Veronica Roth was there, too, author of Divergent.  I would have liked to meet her, but I couldn’t be in two places at once. I’m working on cloning myself for next year.)  Something I did manage to come home with is an advanced copy of the next book in the Lemony Snicket series “All the Wrong Questions.”  I’m a huge fan and I even got to meet him at a book festival earlier this year.

snicket autograph

Terrible photo, my apologies. This book is in my classroom, so I can’t get a better picture right now.

In When Did You See Her Last?, Lemony and his incompetent chaperone are hired to search for a missing girl, named Cleo Knight.  She is the daughter of the family that owns Ink, Inc., which was once Stain’d-by-the-Sea’s biggest business.  The sea is now gone and the octopi who produced the ink are endangered, and the little town is practically shut down as a result.  Cleo is working on something having to do with making invisible ink when she is either kidnapped or has run away.  Which is it, and why? Who would want to stop her work? Who would want to steal her work? So many questions and most of the are probably the wrong ones!

Many of the characters from the first book return, and the Bombinating Beast statue is still being carefully guarded. But, what’s up with the tadpoles that bite?  And who is meant to be working with all of those aquariums?  Where is Kit Snicket and what is she up to on her secret assignment?  Who is Hangfire, really?  I could take a guess, but it’s too early to tell.  We do get a cross-over character from A Series of Unfortunate Events here, so keep your eyes peeled for that!  Also, watch for clues about other books and see if you can figure out which titles are being referenced.

I liked the first book well enough, but now with book 2, I’m really excited to find out the rest of the story!  When Did You See Her Last? comes out in October, and will be sure to have all of the artwork completed for the official publication.  My copy has a lot of spots where it just says “art to come” so I’ll have to buy the hardback to get the rest of the illustrations, which are really neat.  Because this book has not been released yet, there is no AR information, but I will update this post when it becomes available.


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