The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppet by Tom Angleberger

jabbaYes, book #4 is here! (Well, book 5 if you count Art-2 D2, but it’s not part of the stories, it’s a stand alone how-to art book.  So I don’t think it counts like that, cool though it may be.)  The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppet came out on my birthday, which was also a fantastic bonus for me.  I can’t think of a better way to spend my birthday than with a trip to the bookstore.  Unless I can go to the library AND the bookstore on the same day, which occasionally gets to happen, and then it’s like one of those months where we have two full moons or something.  It’s like the Leap Year for books!

Jabba the Puppet picks up where Fortune Wookiee (book 3) leaves off.  If you recall, the kids get an ominous letter from the school district that indicates that all elective classes, like art and music and yearbook, will be cancelled.  In the new book, we find out why.  Because test scores at McQuarrie Middle School have dropped, a new program is being instituted for all students in order to prepare for the next year’s tests.  The new program is called Fun Time, and it consists of a video series that features a singing calculator (or a breakdancing dictionary, depending on what grade you are in), and worksheets.  Lots of worksheets.  Naturally, everyone hates it.

Dwight and his Origami Yoda have returned to McQuarrie after being banished to a private school for the last semester.  He and Yoda come up with an idea to form an Origami Rebel Alliance in order to stop Fun Time from ruining their school year.  This is also serious because without sports or clubs, they will fall out of practice for high school and it could affect their choices later on when there is more competition. Many new characters get folded into the plot (see what I did right there? Folded? Origami?) and kids from all grades join in the protest.  It’s pretty funny because even when Dwight himself drops out, his Origami Yoda still remains the leader of the group!

It turns out that Fun Time is much bigger than just this school; these crazy intervention programs go up to the state and national level, and Tom Angleberger shows how stuff like this works in real life by making fun of a sometimes true situation.  (All of that state testing business?  Teachers don’t love it either, kids!)  Our heroes need some extra help on this case, and it comes in surprising ways.  And just like in Empire Strikes Back, the stage has been set up for the rebellion to truly begin.

If you’ve read the others, you must read Jabba the Puppet as well.  Read it you must! Some of the Star Wars references truly made me laugh out loud. I loved it.

And if you haven’t read the others….why not?!?

This book is too new, so no AR test or level info for you at this time.  I’ll update when it becomes available.


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