About Me

I’m a sixth grade teacher in southern California, though I’m pretty convinced the whole thing is a cover-up to support my book buying habits.  (Don’t tell Mr. Prendergast I said that!)  Lucky for you all, I really enjoy reading kid lit and young adult books, and someday I may even write my own.  For now, few things make me happier than finding just the right book for the right person, so I started this blog as a way to be able to keep recommending books to my students during the summer and even after they have moved on to other teachers.  Come back and visit often!  Remember what I always say: The only way to be a better reader is by READING!

Parents, you can find some helpful information about encouraging your children to read at this link from Reading is Fundamental.  Remember that ALL reading counts, comic books and magazines included.  Get creative! Figure out how to turn on the closed-captioning on your television or watch DVDs with the subtitles turned on.  Hearing the words AND seeing them at the same time is great reinforcement, and it’s always fun to see how the captions have been changed to fit on the screen.  Someone had to decide what the most important words were to include– do you agree or disagree? Does it change the meaning of what is being said? Will that affect the plot? Use the pause button and make predictions about what will happen next.  There are lots of ways to have critical discussions and get your kids thinking about HOW they know what they know.  They will remember the time spent with you later, even if they roll their eyes at you now.  I promise.


One thought on “About Me

  1. I love your passion! My 4th grade boy fell in love with reading last year and “took off”, after years of struggling. We will follow your blog for ideas.

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