Hey Kids!

Most of you already know me as your teacher, and that’s how you ended up at my new blog! I’m thinking about the end of the school year and I’m getting worried. How will I keep track of you all? How will I make sure that you are reading over vacation? What about preventing “summer slide?” How can I give you new books when I can’t actually GIVE you new books this summer?

I decided I’d try the next best thing. You know I love to read. You know I guard my Silent Reading time like a crazy person. You know I keep a list of the books I have read and how many pages I’ve completed. So in order to continue sharing with you, I can at least throw out some suggestions through this online blog, even though school is out and even into the next year when you have new ELA teachers.

You can check in here if you are looking for some book ideas. I’ll give a quick overview of the book, my review, and an “if you liked _____, then you’ll enjoy _____” type of suggestion. Leave me a comment* if you have read one of these books, if you plan to read something new, want to make a recommendation, or just to say hello!  I’ll hope to see you all in September!

***Remember to ALWAYS practice safety on the internet by not giving your full name, age, or location when participating online. I will be monitoring and approving all comments before they are posted, so if you see that yours has been changed slightly, know that I edited it to be more anonymous for you!


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